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We have had Xanadoo for over a year now.Have had multiple reception issues from the cell tower.

It is terrible when it rains or snows, customer service is terrible, no one at the Decatur, IL stores has any answers or any type of courtesy towards their customers. Ask to speak to a supervisor at their customer service center for technical issues and they are never there. They cannot help in setting up phone numbers or phone service.

If you can find any other providers in this area, use them.Do not use Xanadoo, it is fine until you have an issue.

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Not sure why my comment says Missouri, I am from Decatur, IL


I just bought a lap top and tried xanadoo.Wasn't working well at first so I thought it may be my computer.

HOoked it up to a different computer and it was fine.

Hooked it back up to xanadoo, and everytime I tried to download anythiing, even adobe flash player for videos, the internet disconnected.I would not recommend xanadoo to anyone, it absolutely SUCKS


I have had Xanadoo for over 3 years.Now I have netflix..boy does Xanadoo ***.

My bill is up to 37.95 a month, reception is worse. I live 1/4 mile from tower and still get a lousy signal. I complain and I get a whopping $5.00 discount for a whole 6 months. Still can't watch a movie on Netflix without losing it.

I wish I could find another ISP near Sherman Il.Xanadoo, get it together and quit fleecing your customers.


:( Horrible reception and most of the time I cannot even access....when it gets cloudy or have rain or storms it is even worse....I can get no technical support ever....either closed or nobody available although Xanadoo sure takes the full amount from my checking account each month sometimes before it is even due. Searching for a service that is cheap but good as I am single and unemployed although must have to apply for jobs.


It sucks in West texas too.The service is sporatdic, di donesn't amttter rain or shine.

you might get a good connetion you might not.Customer service is no help what so ever.


Xanadoo has really bad reception and buffers too much.@sandmack55....Talk to Verizon about service.

If you live in an area that has Suddenlink, try them.:?


You def wont be able to use Netflix either. I bought the best pkg there was and it suck butt!


Dammit, man.Im in decatur, 2.



I was ready to subscribe to xanadoo but after reading your post I have changed my mind.Do you have any suggestions on another internet service?

I have comcast hsi but the price is killing me.I need to be able to connect with netflix.

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